Printed on archival fine art paper, hand resined on gesobord box

About the artist

As a Bay Area native, Lindsay grew up surrounded by Northern California's expansive natural beauty. Inspired by the mountains and the sea, she weaves her outdoor lifestyle into her artwork. Studying at the Brooks Institute of Photography, she fell in love with the way a photograph can tell a story and inspire people.

With a deep passion for travel and a fiery curiosity of cultures not her own, Lindsay captures raw and authentic moments of people as they relate to the world around them. Speaking four languages, her wanderlust has taken her all over the world photographing intimate stories and the local culture. 

Lindsay has an innate talent for design and an eye for the unusual. She takes risks and is always up for an adventure. You can find her happiest either salsa dancing to live music, surfing on a remote beach, or exploring a distant corner of the world with a camera in her hand.