• Ritual Candle Offering scented with amber and ylang ylang to help with meditation
  • Ritual Bath Salts Blend Restore with scents of lavender and chamomile
  • Ritual Feather-Light Hydration Body Oil with a grounding blend of French lavender and vetiver
  • Facial Tonic Clarity for deep focus with rosemary, sage, and lemon
  • Olive Creambalm Intensive Moisturizer for soft, supple skin

Featuring scents designed to support serenity, the Ritual Wellness Kit for Peace includes a ritual candle offering, bath salts blend, feather-light hydration body oil, clarity facial tonic, and olive creambalm intensive moisturizer. Designed to set an intention or stimulate a mood, all kits come in a 10,000 Buddhas poplin bag–ideal for presents or for a treat for yourself.