Our roots are grounded in contemporary, sustainable interior design.

For over 10 years, we’ve partnered with manufacturers from all over the world to make the spaces we inhabit more personal, comfortable, and livable.

Through our design projects, a curiosity and passion for well-made, environmentally conscious decor was born. Because home is a place that makes you feel better, we believe that you can fill it with beautifully crafted items without harming the planet. It’s the choices that we make daily that can, over time, have the greatest impact.

Our mission is to make sustainable
design a mainstream priority, inspiring
people to seek craft, to ask questions, to
demand healthy solutions, and to care
about how their choices impact the
world around us.

“One of the best parts of opening up the store has
been getting to know the community more,
because now we’re rooted here in a way that we
weren’t before.”

Jenne Wicht, Founder