• Puff is a series of rice paper lamps. The design is voluminous and light with different variants and sizes catering to both smaller and larger environments. A white textile cord with socket and canopy can be purchased as an add-on for the pendants.
  • The Puff Lamp Collection is a modern and sculptural take on the traditional rice paper lamp, designed with organic and simple principles in mind.

Max Load 2W LED recommended. 

Materials: Rice paper lampshade.


Bubble: H: 50 x Ø: 35 cm

Bulb: H: 75 x Ø: 60 cm

Twist: H: 90 x Ø: 50 cm

Multitude: H: 60 x Ø: 23 cm

Care: The lampshade can be cleaned with a feather duster, or wiped with a microfiber cloth.