Kiam Storage Cabinet High

  • The three-door cabinet can serve a variety of purposes, from a dining and living area storage piece, a hallway statement piece, and a bedroom dresser. Customized options of interior design will be offered to equip the cabinet for intended use.

Kiam is a collection of cabinets designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. The cabinets owe their special character to three unique design elements: the architectural support structures underneath the cabinets created by interlocking the cabinet’s leg endings with horizontal support beams, the beauty of proportions characteristic of Massaud and the hand-carved pattern on the cabinet doors that gives them a unique sense of depth, sophistication, and tactility. The carvings give the appearance that the cabinet doors were composed of 20cm thick layered stone, but they are entirely made in solid wood, like the rest of the cabinet.

Standard Interior: Behind the thick hand-carved doors, the tall bar cabinet hides an intricate interior designed to store and serve wine and drinks, dinnerware, and other paraphernalia to meet the needs of “joie de vivre.”

Basic Interior: two shelves in matching wood to exterior without any other interior fittings seen in other standard options.

Dimensions: 39.3” W x 23.6” D x 70.8” H

Materials: Wood

Maple Black Stain

Handmade in Bosnia by Zanat

Care Information: All Zanat products can be cleaned with soft dry or damp cotton or other soft cloth. For repairs and re-oiling of oil-finished products, please consult our Care & Maintenance manual. 

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