Tattoo stool is a neat, light, stable, and stackable stool with beautiful and playful carvings, available in a three-or four-legged version. The wholes made in different shapes through the stool top make carrying the stools easy. The stools can be tattooed from head to toe or in a very discreet way. They can be chosen in different types of wood, colors, stained or lacquered. Symbolism/stories of the graphics are to be created in the eye of the beholder. For the designers, tattoos are about the contrasts in life, love, joy, sorrow, and pain.

Dimensions: 12" Diameter x 17.5" H

Materials: Wood options: Maple white oil, maple brick red stain, maple grey stain, maple black stain, maple navy blue stain, ash white oil, ash oil, oak oil, oak white oil, walnut oil / Seat options: Tattoo Stool with three legs / Seat detail: blind, eyes / Other options: Additional customized colors may be available upon request.

Handmade in Bosnia by Zanat

Care Information: All Zanat products can be cleaned with soft dry or damp cotton or other soft cloth. For repairs and re-oiling of oil-finished products, please consult our Care & Maintenance manual.