• Available in different sizes, the uses are vast. Use the smaller sizes to hold a potted plant, gardening tools or pet toys. The large sizes can be used as planters for indoor trees, like a fiddle leaf fig or to store blankets, towels and magazines.
  • They are lightweight, water resistant and easy to carry with the two attached handles.
  • Made in Italy by Uashmama. The AGGO paper material has the benefit of being extremely durable, yet pliable enough for endless creativity. It holds true to the core of how we approach our products; it must be strong, durable, and long lasting. Our paper is an alternative material that has been treated in an innovative way, utilizing water saving production methods and biodegradable wax.

Storage solutions become a breeze and stylish with these neutral toned buckets. Easy to carry from room to room and visually appealing around the home for storage, they offer versatility, style and are truly unique.

Materials: AGGO® Washable Paper


Xsmall: 5"diam base x 7"h

Small: 7.5"diam base x 9.5"h

Medium: 10"diam base x 11"h

Large: 14"diam base x 14.5"h

Care: The bag can be hand washed or wiped clean. Wash in warm water using a mild detergent or soap. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and reshape before air drying. Do not wash the leather details.