Material: 100% merino from Australia.
Size: 27" x 79"
Color: Shades of black and brown

Artisan base: Ethically and responsibly handwoven by artisans in Nepal.
Wash care: Gently hand wash using gentle detergents. Hang dry in a cool shaded place or delicately dry clean only.

Combining simplicity & elegance with artistic luxury, Graphite Scarf is completely handmade from start to finish making each piece unique. A timeless classic scarf that will complement your outfits  and also supports artisan communities ethically. This scarf is a  perfect gift or personal wear accessory for work wear, evening wear for indoors, outdoors or travel. 

Plush Graphite Scarf has a subtle shade and gradience of black, brown and midnight hues and a soft textured hand feel. Pure merino has been used in this unique weave all created on handloom.  Short neat black fringes give a beautiful compliment to make this artisan piece a modern minimal statement piece.