• Give your home a pop of color with the Circus pouf; a versatile furniture piece in an exclusive, Scandinavian design. With its rounded shape and clean, graphic lines the Circus is a modern interpretation of the antique Moroccan leather pouf.
  • The Circus pouf consists of two different types of foam; firm foam to maintain the shape of the bottom part of the pouf and softer foam on the upper part for great seating comfort. 
  • Circus is a multi-functional piece of furniture and can, for example, be used as an extension for your sofa, as a seat for a coffee table or as a decorative seat in the bedroom.
  •  It is available in soft and luxurious closely woven velour in a range of saturated colors, great for adding depth, texture and warmth to the interior.

Circus consists of hard foam in the bottom part and a softer foam on the upper part for good sitting comfort. The pouf is covered in velour. The pouf has a wooden plate at the botton for stability.

Materials: Textile: JAB City Velvet, 100% Polyester, HR Foam


Small: H: 40 x W: 46 x D: 46 cm
7 kg

Large: H: 35 x L: 65 x D: 65 cm
12 kg

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