Variously is a sustainable brand & design studio committed to putting hand workers economy at its forefront by choosing to exclusively only work with genuine hand-crafted techniques. We are proud to support Sustainable Design Goals set by United Nations and apply them in our design & manufacturing process. Variously chooses to explore minimal design elements rooted with heritage values. We explore ancient printing & weaving techniques , directly support artisan clusters to restore and revive them economically. We consciously stay away from short trend based collections and choose to explore concepts that explore high design  which is collaborative in nature. We seek beauty in slow made textiles that bring people & their roots together. Based out of Greater Detroit area in Michigan, Variously exclusively works with master artisans & supports ethical production practices to develop custom capsule collections textile based accessories like timeless luxurious scarves, & interior products like throws, blankets, bedspreads, pillows and rugs . Variously also works in collaboration with exclusive interior design studios for custom development & interior textile projects for residential and commercial spaces. 

Since our inception in 2016, Variously has collaborated with 30 artisan families who are 3rd / 4th generation heritage weavers, speciality dyers, heritage printers. 80% of our work force with whom we collaborate are women. To ensure higher biodegradable content in our textile , we use only the finest quality of certified natural yarns responsibly sourced from  different parts of the world like India, Australia, Belgium. We use certified  earth friendly dyes that conserve water resources & are free of toxic chemicals.

Variously is founded by Anjali Purohit, who is born & raised in India and has lived & worked in Italy, exhibited in Germany and calls Michigan her home. Affiliation with artisans for Anjali started in 2001, when her home state Gujarat, India was impacted by massive earthquake. As a design student volunteer for UNDP through her design school National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi  , Anjali was working as a volunteer on craft based design project for artisans rehabilitation project who were impacted by the tragic earthquake. Even several years later having created collections for established retailers like Next UK, Pottery Barn & for design houses in Milan , Mumbai & New Delhi, the invaluable experience of artisan redevelopment stayed with her. She consciously choose to later shift her focus 100% on artisan based supply chain for which she started Variously. Besides working on her sustainable design label , Anjali also volunteers her time to enable local engagement in sustainable fashion domain for Fashion Revolution Organization.  Anjali has presented as a speaker at credible platforms , conducted seminars at design schools and also teaches Textiles at Wayne State University in Detroit,Michigan. 

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