Founded in 2015 by two Japanese friends living in Paris, Maison N.H Paris is a Parisian brand designing bohemian and nomadic accessories that blend French elegance and influences from around the world.
The founders Noriko Ishizaka and Hiromi Sasaki share a passion for travel, drawing their inspirations from their encounters, adventures and current trends to create accessories that bring a real art de vivre to everyday city life.


This relaxed chic collection is infused with a summertime spirit that offers the feeling of vacation no matter the events of the day.
These sophisticated bags, sandals and hats with their silhouettes and motifs will enliven city life as well as beach getaways.


Human values are of the utmost importance to us. That is why we pay particularly close attention to the working conditions of our artisans. The founders of the brand, Noriko and Hiromi, visit the workshops at least once a year, in order to ensure proper working conditions and maintain a healthy collaborative spirit.

We believe in supporting our artisans in the continuous improvement of their savoir-faire. We do this by providing organizational solutions and streamlining production methods which comply with industry standards.

Not only do our ateliers meet our quality control measures, they also offer a positive social impact to their artisans. One of our Malagasy ateliers, for example, focuses on empowering women through full time employment and offering shelter to those who are in need. 

Because we are dedicated to furthering social causes and advocating for social equality, we support the Action for Inclusive Education in Madagascar (ASAMA) school in Madagascar, which provides education to underprivileged children.

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