Carved Bookend/Doorstop – JAK W

Carved Bookend/Doorstop


Maple Black Stain
Carving Pattern
  • Product Description

      Handmade in Bosnia by Zanat

      Features: Solid Wood Black Stained Maple with 4 Carving Options. Includes Black leather wrapped handle for easy transport. 

      Dimensions: Ø12 x 7" H

  • Product Details

    • Variant: Maple Black Stain / 7 Rows
    • SKU: n/a
    • Brand: Zanat

In Depth

Stopme bookstop/doorstop is a cute decorative object with a hand-carved cone base and skillfully stitched handle in leather. It can be used as a decorative object on a shelf, but it was also designed with a function in mind: to stop a stack of books from falling or stop an open door from closing. Other functions are up to the creativity of users.