Koam Sideboard – JAK W

Koam Sideboard


Maple Black Stain
Cherry Zanat Pigment
  • Product Description

      Materials: Wood options: Maple black, Cherry Zanat pigment

      Dimensions: 90.5" W x 25" D x 17" H 

  • Product Details

    • Variant: Maple Black Stain / 90.5" W x 25"D x 17" H
    • SKU: n/a
    • Brand: Zanat

In Depth

Koam is a low sideboard made entirely in solid wood resting on a minimalist base made of expertly welded steel plates with no visible welding marks. Strong aesthetic appeal of this simple piece is to be found in perfect proportions and the character given to the piece by the “burnt wood” carving pattern that entirely covers the drawer fronts, as well as the overall shape created by the interplay between the wooden “box” and the metal base. Koam's sideboard consists of two larger drawers to the right and two smaller drawers sitting on top of each other on the left. The orientation of the carving pattern differs on the small and large drawers, which visually breaks the piece into two segments.