Richard Lau Maker Vessel

  • This Limited Edition Maker Vessel is made by Hand in San Francisco, California by Richard Lau. Designed in Collaboration with JAK W.
  • Use the Vessel on its own or pair with the JAK W Candle series. Replace the candle insert without any required cleaning.

This Limited Edition Vessel is part of the JAK W Maker Collection. Designed in partnership with Richard Lau, each vessel is wheel-thrown, hand-carved, and glazed in his San Francisco studio.


Vessel: 3.5" W x 4" H

About the JAK W Maker Vessel

Purchase the JAK W candle separately. We have re-imagined the candle vessel as a piece of art, intended to be used over and over again. Easily refill your Maker Vessel with a new JAK W candle and recycle the old glass candle to reduce waste.

Not into candles? Put a plant in it.

About Richard Lau

Richard Lau specializes in crafting unique wheel-thrown clay vessels. His creative journey draws inspiration from the patterns and textures found in the Northern California landscape.