• Lightweight, portable and easy to clean. So versatile, its the only light you need.
  • Included USB LED charger makes this light long lasting . . . no lightbulbs or batteries to swap out.
  • Carry it outside, inside or cart it anywhere you need a little extra light.
  • A touch-sensitive dimmer allows for three different light settings.
Light source:

Porta comes with a permanently integrated, rechargeable, low-energy LED light source which has 3 light intensity levels: 100%, 70% and 40% and a battery life of 8 hours, 24 hours, and 90 hours, respectively. The lamp comes with a USB charging cable with a length of 1 meter. 

Porta Table Lamp consists of a lamp shade resting on a sturdy, rounded base, both of which are made from ABS plastic. A white, acrylic inner screen ensures a pleasant and even glow. A silicone base ring allows the lamp to stand securely. 

 H: 23,5 x W: 20,2 x D: 11,2 x Ø: 6,5 cm