Comforter Fill, Libeco

  • Made in the US and can be ordered in your preferred density and fill type
  • Pre-Sized to Fit Perfectly with the Libeco Duvet Collections

Available in Pure 100% Down, 50/50, and Polysilk™

Pure 100% Down: These comforters are warm and lightweight. If well cared for, they retain their loft longer the most synthetics.

50/50: 50% down and 50% feather is a high-quality fill, well suited for comforters at an excellent price point.

Polysilk™ is a luxurious down alternative fill. It is a polyester microfiber that has a soft and silky feel.

Outer Shell: 230 Thread Count - 100% Cotton Sateen  Style: Sewn through Construction


Down Comforters, Mattress Pads or Pillows: Wash in hot water, gentle cycle, using a mild detergent. Dry on the highest heat setting until thoroughly dry. Clean tennis balls can help break up the clumps of down, allowing them to dry faster.
Poly Filled Comforters or Pillows: Wash in cold water, gentle cycle. You can use any detergent you like. Dry on the lowest heat setting.


Twin: 70"x85" 
Queen: 88"x92" 
King: 160"x92"