Glazed Stoneware Serving Bowl

Bright bowl made of matte glazed stoneware - perfect for salad. The bright color in the bowl complements the food really well, and a table set with several Deli bowls serves the food beautifully.

Our Deli collection is now made of stoneware, known to be more durable, chip resistant and less porous than terracotta. Making it a perfect product to be used in daily life. Stoneware is dishwasher and microwave safe but keep in mind that sudden and abrupt temperature changes can cause small cracks. A beautiful, silky matte grey is added to the Deli collection. It is a perfect addition to mix and match with the white color, creating a nice, playful contrast for a table setting. The stoneware for the grey color is made from off-white clay which is not yet developed in recycled. 

Size: 12"