Matthew Frederick presents an unconventional and amusing spin on the genre of 
landscape painting. Inspired by his life amid Northern California’s scenic
countryside, Frederick looks within the landscape to capture and exaggerate
the whimsical shadows and shapes cast from surging hills, majestic oak trees
and gaping valleys.  Fredericks style is characterized by the careful balance
of structure, color, lighting and mood. His compositions are rendered with a
resplendent color palette of generous applications of paint and undulating
brushwork, lending to a compelling emulation of the patterns and sensations
inherent in nature.  “By abstracting from the surrounding landscape,
it is my intent to create dynamic imitations that will hopefully encourage
viewers to examine the countryside with a fresh perspective”, says Frederick.
Emboldened with lively energy, Fredericks collection of bucolic landscapes
is executed in a truly distinctive style, resulting in visual imprints of the
physical world that draw attention to its most striking features.

Matthew Frederick studied painting at the schools of the Great Northern
California region, and graduated in 1986. Chico State university and Sacramento
State University provided instructors from the Bay Areas sixties movement to
guide and inspire him. His work has been shown nationally in commercials
galleries, universities, and public exhibitions on the east coast,
California, and Hawaii. He has received numerous commissions, and is included
in many prominent collections such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
His work was spotlighted in the September issue of Architectural Digest.
Frederick currently works in his studio in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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