Since 1889, Kasthall´s factory in Kinna, West Sweden, has created rugs using the finest materials with unique craftsmanship, and the latest design innovation. In our own factory, we bring together expertise and innovation. With our collaborative knowledge of how the natural materials perform, alone or together, each rug is unique and like no other.  And everything we do is always with great respect to our environment and with minimum impact to the earth.

One of the main reasons Kasthall can commit to impeccable quality standards is because we control the entire production process – from yarn to finished rug. This is unusual for a brand. Product developers and designers work side by side at Kasthall and the human eye and human touch play vital parts in every stage of manufacturing. New methods meet ancient techniques. Our commitment to quality will never go out of style.

When electricity was first introduced, the entrepreneur and designer
Ludvig Anderson established a business called Kasthall in the small town of Kinna in the west of Sweden. It was the first industrial rug factory in the country. In a few years, the factory was manufacturing rugs and curtains.
Word began to spread about the factory’s products: original rugs that were beautiful, durable and a pleasure to walk on. The quality of the rugs and the creative environment of the factory soon attracted the most prominent designers, such as Ingrid Dessau, Viola Gråsten and Astrid Sampe.

Today the Kasthall factory and headquarters are still located in exactly the same place – a symbol of our commitment to continuity and authenticity.
If Ludvig Andersson were to visit us today, he would be pleased to find that our respect for the materials and craftmanship remains intact and that his zest for innovation lives on.

Though deeply rooted in Swedish traditions, we are always proud to see our products appreciated well beyond our borders. Kasthall is now established in over thirty countries around the world. We have destinations stores in Stockholm, Milan and in New York. And we invite some of the most acclaimed designers and architects from the international arena for collaborations, where influences from all over the world meet Kasthall. 

Since 1889, Kasthall’s factory in Kinna, Sweden, has been creating rugs using the finest materials with unique craftsmanship, innovation and constantly challenging design. Our products must fulfill all the requirements for a long life, and our long-term aim is to minimize our environmental footprint and strive to have only a positive impact.

The environmental perspective has a clear role in Kasthall’s cornerstones.

Design and Innovation - Design and develop quality products with a long life, choosing renewable materials and processes that have a minimal, or positive, environmental impact

Tailor Made Solutions - Everything is made to order and with a long-term perspective in mind, so no natural resources are wasted on excess production

Premium - Our profile must fulfill high expectations of materials and performance

Heritage and Craftsmanship - By taking responsibility for our production today, we are also taking responsibility for the future – both what happens in our factory and so that our products have a long life and become part of history in the future

Passionate and Skilled People - Skilled and committed workers play a major part in our long-term, sustainable approach

Sustainable - Our responsibility for the environment extends throughout the production chain and includes everything from the materials we choose for our products to production, transport and waste, emissions to air and water, and options for recycling and reuse.

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