Anne Black

Anne Black is a Copenhagen based ceramicist who´s career evolves around her devotion to applied arts & craftsmanship. Her excitement of working hands-on with the clay were initially inspired by studying ancient Chinese porcelain in school. After graduating from the design school in 1996, she worked in various collective pottery workshops in Copenhagen, creating her porcelain objects, which combine Scandinavian design and craftsmanship, into functional handmade porcelain pieces.

In 2005 Anne transformed her pottery skills and workshop into a development project, when she created a ceramic factory, in the north of Vietnam, together with Mrs. Hang (Vietnamese). There she had the chance to work closely with skilled artisans with whom she exchanged ideas, knowledge and inspiration.

The facility initially received support from the Danish aid organization Danida and has over the years matured into a socially and environmentally sustainable factory with more than 50 artisans, who produce Annes porcelain, with meticulous skill, by hand, day by day.

While given access, to clean working environment, insurances, health programes and increased economic opportunity, these artisans, at the same time, preserve treasured traditions of craftsmanship in Bat Trang, a famous village in Vietnam, known for its history within ceramics.

2013 was another transforming year for Anne Black, when she added her Copenhagen based concept store Black. There she curated a selection of international high-end brands, within fashion, furniture and design accessories together with her own lines of handmade porcelain.

Making ceramics create emissions. Therefore we put sustainable thinking at the center of everything we do.

We work with one factory only, where we can control the processes under which our products are being made and our studio based approach to production means it is all labor based. This create more jobs and less pollution. 

Our ambition is to become a carbon neutral company and at present we achieve this, by lowering our energy usage and by off-setting all our CO2 emissions, through the planting of trees and investment in renewable energy projects. 

We are aware that ultimately the goal is to base the production on 100% renewable energy and until these systems are in place, then we continue to invest in energy projects in order to facilitate that change

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