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Thursday Dec 7, 5-7pm

Join us in celebrating San Francisco-based fine artist, Scott Cilmi, and his Museum Goers collection.


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Alex Cole Fine Art Exhibition

September 30-October 8
Sonoma Art Walk on Thursday Oct 7.
JAK W Showroom: 539 1st St W

This new collection of paintings is inspired by contrast. Using acrylic paint, pencil, and mixed media Alex Cole explores the nuances of color, line, and texture. Inspired by the contrast within the expansive landscape of Northern California and her travels. The contrast in texture and surface found in nature, architecture, and the moments in our everyday life that may go unnoticed. The collection is about bringing you into pause, encouraging you to journey through the details and the beautiful shifts from surface to surface. 
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Sidnea D'Amico Fine Art Exhibition

Sonoma Art Walk on Thurs, Nov 2
JAK W Shop: 124 W Napa, Sonoma
Sidnea's work is inspired by urban elements, including loose wires, words, graffiti, decayed walls, colors, and shapes. Any mark left on street walls reflects an energy of a person; a moment in time. In Sidnea's studio, they play with these elements, using their energy and vulnerability to express those marks and to transmute ideas into whimsical paintings. For their collages, Sidnea often uses posters they have removed from the streets of San Francisco and the cities they visit.
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