Minimal & Earthy Living Room – JAK W

Minimal & Earthy Living Room

The textures and colors in this space are reminiscent of those you would find in nature. The carved wood and raw edges are softened and complimented by warm leather and cozy textiles. My goal was to bring the outdoors in while creating an atmosphere that feels comfortable and inviting.
Zanat Igman Lounge Chair
From $2,690.00 - $3,460.00
Bryar Wolf Yee Pillow
Bryar Wolf Love Pillow
From $135.00 - $145.00
Kasthall Fara Area Rug
From $2,823.00 - $12,700.00
Zanat Tara Shelving System
From $2,330.00 - $4,970.00
Zanat Ombra Table
From $1,070.00 - $3,166.00
Bensen Elle Sectional
From $11,085.00 - $14,930.00