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Matthew Frederick - Artist Spotlight

Posted on July 02 2020

Matthew Frederick - Artist Spotlight

Prominent Bay Area Artist, Matthew Fredrick, has been in the art business for over 15 years working as a painter and as the founder of Art Form-- an artist collective in the Mission district of San Francisco. He has painted an extensive collection in a truly distinctive style, resulting in visual imprints of the physical world that draw attention to its most striking features. Often inspired by common Icons, Matthew Frederick's style is characterized by the careful balance of structure, color, lighting, and mood. 

“My intention is to make dynamic imitations, a déjà vu for the mind that will encourage viewers to examine their surroundings with a fresh perspective.  I present nature and structure with a delightful whimsy that reminds the public to turn their head and look again next time they pass something familiar that has lost its allure.”

Matthew Frederick’s paintings are emboldened with lively energy, presenting an unconventional and amusing spin on the genre of landscape and iconography painting. He looks within his subject to capture and exaggerate the whimsical shadows and shapes cast from ordinary objects in everyday life.


See our collection from Matthew Frederick here


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