Sana Bar Stool – JAK W

Sana Bar Stool


Carving Pattern
Maple White Oil
Maple Black Stain
Maple Wenge Stain
Zanat Burgundy Stain
Walnut Oil
  • Product Description

      Sana barstool designed by Monica Förster is a sibling of the award-winning Sana dining chair. Like its sister Sana dining chair, the barstool follows a femininely elegant design and lightness despite the fact that it is entirely made in massive wood. The most special feature of the chair is its finely sculpted and multidimensionally curved backrest that instills a warm hug effect and provides additional seating comfort. The outer side of the chair’s backrest is entirely hand-carved with carving patterns which were designed to emphasize the curved shape of the backrest and to give Sana the character of a modern handcrafted object.

      Dimensions: 18.50" W x 17.5" D x 34.5" H x SH 25"

      Materials: Wood options: Maple white oil, maple black, maple wenge, walnut oil / Carving patterns: woven, orange peel

      Handmade in Bosnia by Zanat

      Care Information: All Zanat products can be cleaned with soft dry or damp cotton or other soft cloth. For repairs and re-oiling of oil-finished products, please consult our Care & Maintenance manual. 

  • Product Details

    • Variant: Orange Peel / Maple White Oil / 18.5" W x 17.5" D x 34.5" H x SH 25"
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    • Brand: Zanat