• Custom sizes available.
  • Through the use of high-quality wool and a considerable amount of yarn, the result is a denser and more versatile product, which makes each rug both long-lasting and beautiful.
  • Designer Lena Jiseborn shares, “The vibrant fashion scene of the 1950s greatly influenced our creative process, resulting in a collection that beautifully offers a nostalgic yet contemporary embrace of the checkered design.”
  • available in eight colorways: Vanilla Coconut, Quince, Mango Peach, Raspberry Blue, Cassis, Sloe Berry, Mint Chocolate, and Pistachio. Each rug tells a unique story and is crafted with care and artistry at the Kasthall Factory in Kinna, Sweden.

VICHY is a woven rug in pure wool that captures the essence of playfulness and sophistication through the reimagined checkered Vichy pattern, also known as Gingham. Each rug is a brushstroke on the canvas of Kasthall’s rich heritage, showcasing the narrative of craftsmanship and dedication at the Kasthall Factory. VICHY is a timeless yet contemporary celebration of the classic checkered pattern, perfect for any modern living space.

  • Product type : woven rug in pure wool.
  • Weft material : 100% wool.
  • Warp material : 100% linen.
  • Total thickness : approx. 7 mm.
  • Total weight : approx. 2310 g/m².