Maker Vessel Candle Insert

  • “I love, love, love the smell of this candle! If I could give it a review it would be 6 stars. The smell reminds me of going to my Nana’s house and feels so cozy” -Riley , age 12
  • "We are loving the candles - nice, strong fragrance and the wick is working properly! I would 100% sign up for a quarterly subscription for each season's candle." - Clint B.
  • Hints of Pine Balsam, Coastal Juniper, Pacific Mint, Bay Area Eucalyptus, Tanned Leather and Cedar are made using only essential oils.
  • The Apricot, Soy Coconut Wax means our candle is Phthalate-Free, Biodegradable, and Vegan.

Use it on its own or with our Maker Collection Vessels. Recycle when finished.

Our cracking wooden wick is sourced from FSC-Certified Mills and will give you all the cozy feels.

The coco-apricot wax used in this candle is clean burning, non-toxic (carcinogen-free), made of natural renewable resources, biodegradable, and vegan.

How To Use

Before each burn, trim your wooden wick to be less than 1/8" to avoid black smoke and residue on the glass.



Our cracking wooden wick is sourced from FSC-certified mills and the wax made from apricot, soy, and coconut wax is biodegradable and natural. Burn time up to 72 hours. Recycle or reuse the glass candle.

Pairs perfectly with our Maker Collection Vessels. Subscribe for a new scent each season.