Slim Rectangular Table – JAK W

Slim Rectangular Table


Oak Veneer
Oak Duramas
Oak Duramas Brushed
Oak Duramas Smoke
Oak Duramas Smoke Brushed
Walnut Veneer
Walnut Duramas
Color Lacquer Ash
Fenix HPL Oak Legs
Fenix HPL Walnut/Color Lacquer Legs
  • Product Description

      Materials: Top: oak or walnut (veneer, duramas), oak smoked (duramas), color lacquer on ash (veneer), Fenix® HPL, (black, white, grey) Legs: oak or walnut (veneer), oak smoked
      (veneer), color lacquer on ash (veneer)

  • Product Details

    • Variant: 63x35x29.5 in. / Oak Veneer
    • SKU:
    • Brand: Arco

In Depth

The seemingly impossible Slim Table involves the use of an innovative steel sandwich construction with a lightweight honeycomb-structure core. Designer Bertjan Pot: "Some people will feel that the composite structure of the Slim Table undermines its authenticity, but this is actually what makes it authentic. The inherent properties of the different materials have been used as honestly as possible: metal for its strength and wood for its tactile and aesthetic qualities. Without innovation is minimalism quickly becoming a dead end."