Olive Oil Salt Scrub, Lavender

Made by McEvoy Ranch in Sonoma County

This sensual scrub blends California sea salt with a blend of organic olive, sweet almond, and jojoba oils to gently exfoliate, detoxify, and soften. Use the fine grains to even skin tone and bolster radiance, leaving skin velvety and rejuvenated. Contains 99.20% organic ingredients.

Why you should buy this incredible Olive Oil Sea Salt Scrub

  • Pacific Sea Salt polishes the skin while detoxifying, allowing the skin to shine. -Glycerin attracts and binds water molecules to the skin, keeping skin smooth and hydrated.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers powerful polyphenols and antioxidant protection to the skin with readily-absorbable squalene, an extremely hydrating lipid.

We love this product as the lavender evokes our colorful hillsides in purple bloom, with uplifting notes of lemon, lime, and ylang-ylang. Bring home a little bit of our Ranch each time you use it.