Poppy Area Rug – JAK W

Poppy Area Rug


Secret Black 500
Daring Rust 700
Quiet Beige 800
Delicate White 801
Mystic Mauve 620
Playful Purple 621
Mellow Blue 200
Cool Green 300
Harmonic Silver 501
Melancholic Grey 502
Happy Orange 400
Rebellious Red 100

In Depth

Sometimes a refreshing change of scenery is all we need. Poppy has a simple design influenced by young architecture and complex color palettes. It is a tribute to playfulness and creative freedom making an emotional impact on the room or a tangible change in the aesthetics of the space. A bouclé rich in color with a mix of different yarn nuances and a cut fringe producing a sassy border. It is unexpectedly liberating in its moderate madness, yet completely spot-on. Color names such as Delicate White and Happy Orange makes Poppy more than just a rug. It becomes a state of mind, an attitude, that transmits to the furnished space. A declaration that dares to break rules and inspires creativity.

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