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Happy Area Rug


Passion 1001
Summer Holiday 3001
Winter Night 5001
Potato Digging 7001
Harmony 8001
  • Product Description

      Designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg

      Made in Sweden

      Weft material: 90% wool, 10% linen 
      Warp material: 100% linen 

      This rug can be tailored by changing the size. If you are looking for a custom rug please email us at hello@jak-w.com

  • Product Details

    • Variant: 2’ 11” x 7’ 10” / Passion 1001
    • SKU:
    • Brand: Kasthall

In Depth

Happy is a woven rug of wool and linen, colorful and charismatic, with stripes that both harmonize and contrast. A charming relative to our rug Doris, the name Happy comes from the lovely sensation you get when you walk on it. Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, named the five different color combinations after feelings and life situations that she liked: Passion, Summer Holiday, Winter Night, Potato Digging and Harmony. Happy is a fantastic piece of handicraft. All the color and yarn changes are painstaking work that requires patience and great professional skill from the Kasthall weavers.

Note: due to the natural materials used and the different handicraft processes in production, dimensions of the rug may vary by up to 5%. Please make note of any minimum or maximum limitations in your space. 

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