Glimmer Area Rug – JAK W

Glimmer Area Rug


Silver Dust 25
Velvet Truffle 77
Shimmering Sand 88
  • Product Description

      Made in Sweden

      Pile material: 65% wool, 35% linen 
      Base fabric: Polyester

      This rug can be tailored by changing the size. If you are looking for a custom rug please email us at

  • Product Details

    • Variant: 6' x 9' / Silver Dust 25
    • SKU:
    • Brand: Kasthall

In Depth

Glimmer is a hand tufted rug with a tight, short pile of wool and a specially dyed linen yarn that gives the rug its shimmering pattern. The irregular shape of the rug with no right angles challenges the eye and creates tension – what seems to be a straight edge is really a convex line. The inspiration comes from make up and eye shadow, and like an eye-shadow palette, the glimmering surface changes depending on the light and how the yarn lies, which brings the rug to life when it is used. Glimmer comes in three elegant color combinations to suit a range of different settings.

Glimmer rug has an irregular shape without any right angles, to challenge the eye and add interest. Please make note of any minimum or maximum limitations in your space. 

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