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Boucle Corduroy Area Rug


Black Tea 500
Earl Grey 501
Pink Maccaron 610
Chocolate Brown 700
Meringue 800
  • Product Description

      Designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg 

      Made in Sweden

      Weft material: 50% wool, 50% linen
      Warp material: 100% linen

      This rug can be tailored by changing the colors or the size. If you are looking for a custom rug please reach out to us at 

  • Product Details

    • Variant: 2' 3"w x 3'l / Black Tea 500
    • SKU:
    • Brand: Kasthall

In Depth

Corduroy is a classic pattern in our Arkad family designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg during her years at Kasthall. In 2018 we have focused on the visuality of this elegant stripe, creating a rug with a decorative, lively surface and immense textile feel. To achieve this Kasthall's Design Studio developed a special bouclé yarn in wool and linen which lends the rug a dry yet luxurious and very contemporary look. Bouclé Corduroy is a hard wearing rug for the private home as well as for public spaces. For the colors we've been inspired by the richness of continental food culture.

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