Feather Rug, Limited

Lead time of 9-10 weeks

Handmade in Sweden Using 100% Wool & Linen

Feather is a hand-tufted rug in pure wool and linen bouclé. Its most prominent feature is its feather-like fringes, which add a frame-like edge to the rug. Feather was originally launched in six colorways. The four new limited-edition versions are: “Kingfisher”, “Nightingale”, “Hummingbird” and “Pigeon”.

The four additional colorways are made of yarn exclusively developed for this limited collection. They come in only five copies of each colorway which are numbered and signed by the designer, Ellinor Eliasson.

**Hummingbird SOLD OUT**

  • Variant: 6' x 9' / Kingfisher
  • Brand: Kasthall