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Slim+ Connected


Oak Veneer
Oak duramas
Oak Duramas Brushed
Oak duramas smoke
Oak Duramas Smoke Brushed
Walnut Veneer
Walnut duramas
Color Lacquer Ash
Fenix HPL, Oak Legs
Fenix HPL, Walnut/Color Lacquer Legs
  • Product Description

      Materials: Top: oak or walnut (veneer, duramas**), oak smoked (duramas), color lacquer on ash (veneer), Fenix® HPL (black, white, grey), solid surface (white) / Column Slim+ Connected: mirrored or (black, white) not mirrored / Legs: oak or walnut (veneer), oak smoked (duramas**), color lacquer on ash (veneer)

      Specifications Sheet

  • Product Details

    • Variant: 189" W x 41.33" D x 29.5" H / Oak Veneer
    • SKU: n/a
    • Brand: Arco

In Depth

Recently Arco developed a technique to connect the Slim+ tables. This allows this super slim table to be produced to enormous lengths. In addition, all the necessary connection points, such as sockets, data connections, and USB portals can be integrated into the table top by means of cable management. This makes the connected Slim+ ideal as a conference table for large meeting groups or as a landing spot to work alone or in a group. The point where the tables are connected rests on a column of reflective stainless steel, so that the column disappears, as it were, into the environment. All cables are routed down the column.