Slim+ – JAK W



Oak Veneer
Walnut Veneer
Color lacquer on mdf
Fenix HPL
Oak duramas
Oak duramas smoke
Oak duramas sandblasted
Oak duramas smoke sandblasted
Walnut duramas
  • Product Description

      Materials: Top: oak or walnut (veneer, duramas), oak smoked (duramas), color lacquer on ash (veneer), solid surface (white), Fenix® HPL (black, white, grey) / Legs: oak or walnut (veneer), oak smoked (duramas), color lacquer on ash (veneer

      Specifications Sheet

  • Product Details

    • Variant: 94.5" W x 41.33" D x 29.5" H / Oak Veneer
    • SKU: n/a
    • Brand: Arco

In Depth

Slim+ is the larger version of the ultra-fine Slim Table introduced in 2006 and meets the demand from both consumers and business users for larger tables in general and a larger version of the successful Slim Table in particular. Slim+ has a maximum length of no less than 360 cm and the adjusted proportions still make it look seemingly impossible. Slim+ makes a wonderful dining table or an elegant meeting table or desk in a business environment.

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