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Technological lightness, versatility, innovation. Since 1979 these have been the overriding values of Alias, one of the most consolidated names of Italian design. Alias’ story began in 1979 with Giandomenico Belotti’s spaghetti chair, a chair which was one of Alias’ first creations to become part of the MoMA collection in New York. Alias seeks to minimize environmental impact through policies involving every phase of its operations. 


Arco was founded in Winterswijk in 1904. Craftsmanship and a passion for woodworking has been the company’s focus for four generations. Here superior workmanship and modern technology go hand in hand. Every piece of furniture that leaves our factory is designed and built with a great deal of dedication. Product quality is always top priority for us. Because a good table will last for generations.


Founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen, Bensen combines Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design to create elegant and versatile furnishings. Our philosophy balances simplicity and honesty so that the designs may continue to grow in today’s ever-changing world. We blend only the most thoughtful design details with innovative manufacturing techniques to create new classics—furniture that is stunning, functional and timeless.


Bolon is located in VĂ€stergötland, next to Lake Åsunden. 3rd generation and family-owned, they keep the manufacturing in Sweden as this makes sense both in terms of shorter transports and logistics, but also allows full control of the production process; the PVC flooring is produced without added phthalates; and the factory, warehouse and offices are cooled by geothermal means, using locally drawn groundwater rather than refrigerants that damage the ozone layer. 

by Interiors

It all started with our Tee table, a unique aluminum honeycomb panel-top table, which launched in 2011. By creating a lightweight yet incredibly strong table surface, by Interiors modernized the working space and refreshed our idea of how we live and play. Awarded the Good Design Award 2018, one of Japan’s highly regarded prestigious design awards, we have now launched an entire collection of versatile and intelligent products, all of which have our stamp of approval.


Wiebe Boonstra and Marc van Nederpelt are the men behind Amsterdam-based furniture brand DUM. Both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and worked together ever since. Their chairs, tables, stools and armchairs are used to create contemporary workplaces. DUM’s sustainable furniture comes in vivid colours and is usually slightly oversized, with a robust, solid feel. It’s a style that is perfectly suited to large spaces and buildings. Spaces come to life, people connect, and ideas are born.


The American furniture company Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy. The classic 1006 Navy Chair was born. Made to last at least a hundred and fifty years, it was light, smart, functional and strong - because that was the best we could do. Today our craftsmen in Hanover, Pennsylvania continue to handcraft chairs that are so strong they are passed down through generations. Emeco is leading the industry, exploring and innovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture.

James Burleigh

James Burleigh has been designing and making furniture for over 20 years. Our signature collection uses laminate in over 100 colours and a choice of solid wood edges to create tables, benches and stools that are visually appealing, strong and durable.  We offer flexibility in terms of size, height and dimension that make our products perfect for today’s work environments, facilitating adaptable spaces that reflect the culture and ethos of each specific setting.


Kasthall is a Swedish company, designing and producing rugs & textile flooring for the global interior design community. Since 1889, the Kasthall factory in Kinna, West Sweden, has created rugs for all kinds of clients and spaces; from beautiful residences, lux yachts, and exotic hideaways to cool offices, boutique hotels and the Swedish Royal Castle. All rugs are made to order and tailored to the customer’s individual wishes and needs. The yarns we use have the characteristics we demand for various types of settings, such as wear resistance, fire resistance and environmental requirements.


Libeco's linen is woven in Belgium. The fabric is inspected yard by yard and mended by hand where necessary. Their goods are made with great care, for the product, but also for the environment. They have again made significant steps by becoming a CO2 neutral company and by launching a 100% organic linen collection. Corporate sustainability for a viable future, that is our vision. The fifth generation of the Libeert family is managing the company. Together with some 200 colleagues, we continue to weave our own story.


Modus has been manufacturing beautifully designed furniture since the year 2000, working with a crowd of established and emerging design talent to create a diverse range of award-winning pieces united by their superb quality and the strength of their design. They manufacture all our upholstery and joinery from start to finish in our production facility in South Somerset, working with a skilled team of craftspeople who take great pride in their work.


Montis keeps innovating with design that meets the needs of modern life—without making concessions in terms of comfort. In this process, the boundaries of artisanal traditions are pushed, and new techniques developed. By combining the ideas of renowned designers with those of up-and-coming creatives, we remain full of surprises—also in terms of sustainability and use of materials. 

Product Offerings include Sofas, Lounge Chairs, Dining Tables, Side Tables, Objects

Poltrona Frau Contract

The Poltrona Frau Contract division is dedicated to the creation of special furniture for museums, theatres, auditoriums, cinemas, airports, showrooms, hotels and restaurants. It collaborates with architects from all over the world as part of genuine partnerships. Bringing the intimate sensation of Poltrona Frau luxury and comfort to large, sometimes enormous common spaces, is a demanding challenge that the Contract division is able to meet with the same precision craftsmanship and attention to detail that has made it famous in the sphere of residential furnishings.


Put quite simply, TURF is all about Acoustics and Simplicity. From Wall Panels to Baffles to Room Dividers, everything they do is designed to keep waste to a minimum and reduce the noise. Their systems are made from 99% post-consumer PET (polyester) plastic, with half of that coming from single-use water bottles. They manufacture on demand, which keeps inventory associated waste low. Installation methods range from Cable Mount to Unistrut to T-Grid. Oh. And did we Mention they produce in Chicago and Ship in Under 4 weeks? 


Craftsmanship is the essence Zanat's identity. The very name, Zanat, is Bosnian for “craft”, and the artistry and skill that it implies is also vital for fulfilling their mission of Universal Sustainability. Several of their products and the carving technique are a part of the official Bosnian cultural heritage list. The Konjic woodcarving is now on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity testifies. It is a craftsmanship that holds on to rich traditions, while reaching out confidently toward the future. It is the kind of craftsmanship that can both improve your home and our world.