Partner Projects – JAK W

We Work With Bad A*# Designers

Check out some of the projects we've supported with eco product, both near and far.

Mubadala, SF

Designer. Feldman Architecture

Photography. Paul Dyer

Square HQ

Designer. BCJ

Photography. Matthew Millman

McDonald's HQ

Designer. Studio O+A & IA

Photography. Garrett Rowland

Xoom Offices

Designer. Huntsman

Photography. Anthony Lindsey

Adobe, Lehi Campus

Designer. Rapt Studio

Photography. Eric Laignel

Cisco, San Jose

Designer. Nelson

Photography. Cortez Media

Uber, Pittsburgh

Designer. Assembly

Photography. Jasper Sanidad

In Situ, San Francisco

Designer. Aidlin Darling

Photography. Matthew Millman

The Perennial

Designer. Paul Discoe

Photography. H. Ospina

Residence, SF

Designer. Gamble + Design

Photography. Liz Daley

Cambridge Associates

Designer. Studio O+A

Photography. Jasper Sanidad

Lending Club

Designer. Design Blitz

Photography. Adam Rouse