Canopy Low Tumbler 270ml x 4 – JAK W

Canopy Low Tumbler 270ml x 4

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In Depth

These low tumblers feature a subtly domed base and are ideal for serving water or wine. Combine with other glasses and a carafe from the Canopy collection for a colorful, coordinated tabletop. A pair of modern gin balloon glasses with hand-cut decoration and a subtly flared stem. The balloons have a wide, flattened bowl to enhance the aroma of the spirit's delicate botanicals. Mix with other pieces in this handmade collection to create a specialist gin bar. Presented in photographic packaging. 

The Canopy low tumbler is mouth-blown from recycled glass. Locally-sourced clear jars and bottles are sorted, crushed, and heated in the furnace until molten. The skilled glassblower gathers, shapes, and then blows the molten glass into a mould to form the low tumbler. Air bubbles will occur as part of this 100% recycled and handmade process.