Floramye’s legacy has roots in the 1920s, when it debuted as a French perfume house. We can imagine our great-grandmothers admiring the art-deco bottles on their vanities, with their striking Lalique and Baccarat designs.

We’ve resurrected the Floramye brand name and its elegant ethos, infusing it with a modern, sustainable sensibility. Today’s Floramye products are blended with fragrant essential oils and created in small batches, just like their namesake perfume. But they are designed to be functional as well, thanks to the addition of a key wellness ingredient: full-spectrum, organic hemp CBD oil.

Allison’s Great-Grandmother May Allison Osborne, Silent Screen actress (above)

Several years ago, Allison had a neck injury, and she found hemp CBD to be more helpful for pain relief than pharmaceuticals. Her husband, a former NFL player, also began using CBD for residual pain from past injuries. They naturally started incorporating CBD oil for skin care and general stress support—Allison has always been a busy entrepreneur, having previously launched a reusable water bottle brand. Three children also keep her on her toes. Allison soon started blending CBD with essential oils for added aromatherapy benefits and healing properties. She gifted them to everyone she knew and got great feedback. She found that launching a brand could help even more people – so she decided to develop the concept for Floramye and bring it to the world.

Corporate responsibility and giving has always been important to Allison. To that end, 5% of the profits from Floramye elixirs are donated to mental health non-profits.


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