Poppy Cloud Area Rug – JAK W

Poppy Cloud Area Rug


Pink Sky 101
Sunset Orange 403
Twilight Gold 504

In Depth

Poppy Cloud is a variation of Poppy, which is part of the Kasthall 2019 collection, Soul of Nature. The collection has taken inspiration from changing landscapes and colors of nature. Curiosity in terms of technique and craftsmanship was the driving force that challenged the Kasthall Design Studio into creating new originals, using only natural materials. Poppy Cloud is an excellent example of how this curiosity has inspired Raquel Pacchini into a further twist of the collection.

Poppy Cloud has a simple design influenced by young architecture and complex color palettes. It is a tribute to playful- ness and creative freedom making an emotional impact on the room or a tangible change in the aesthetics of the space. A bouclé rich in color with a mix of different yarn nuances and a cut fringe producing a sassy border, where Raquel Pacchini has played with the shape and created an accent-colored irregular framing. Color names such as Pink Sky, Sunset Orange and Twilight Gold makes Poppy Cloud more than just a rug. It’s a declaration that dares to break rules and inspires creativity.

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