Palette Area Rug – JAK W

Palette Area Rug


Palette Blue 200
Palette Green 300

In Depth

The spaces between spaces. In the beginning there are just different colors. Separated. Together they tell stories and create associations. Loose thoughts are linked together by threads. Yarn. Different colors are mixed on the artists’ palette. New color denominations are born to create depth, light and justice to the inner vision. When the motif is complete, the palette has altered appearance; it becomes a patchwork of nuances, fields and suggestive shades. Deep tantalizing colors, an insight in an ongoing creative process. The result: Palette. An artistic canvas of yarn that, with a graphic idiom expressing soft textures, harmonic gradients, color richness, symbiotic stringency and freedom. A superior quality rug with colored building blocks joined together and kept apart by spaces. A confident and elegant rug that knows its place.

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