Based in Bend, Oregon, Bryar Wolf was founded by seamstress and designer, Katie and Ross Lipson. Bryar Wolf focuses on bringing the diversity of culture to your space through handmade home decor. Each piece of fabric is carefully hand selected from different countries all over the world.

Bryar Wolf offers authentic textures and design, giving your space the ability to tell a naturally global inspired story. Now in our fifth year of business we currently produce and distribute authentic custom premium one of a kind decorative handmade throw pillows, pillow covers, accent pillows, blankets, throws, area rugs and other various home goods. Designed and made with 🖤 every day! Currently focusing on African Mud Cloth, Chinese Batik, Japanese Boro, Chinese Wedding Blankets, Moroccan, Thai Hmong and Ivory Coast Baule Ikat. All products are designed, hand cut, hand sewn and authentic one of kind pieces.

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