animaná, an example of how the passion of one person can impact the lives of so many others, and change their destinies.

Adriana Marina -economist and entrepreneur- lived her childhood surrounded by natural landscapes and local fauna of Patagonia, in Santa Cruz, Argentina. But, at the same time, it witnessed social inequality in the treatment of rural communities and the loss of Andean arts due to the imminent exodus to the cities. 

With the dream of building a sustainable project, in 2009 Adriana founded animaná , a sustainable luxury brand that makes garments of natural fibers from Patagonia and the Andes in order to preserve local communities, take care of the environment and generate wealth local. How? Training artisans and producers, prioritizing sustainable production processes, and in turn generating an ethical, sustainable and transparent value chain .

Thus arises animaná, which means "a place in heaven" in the Kakan language, a certified B company with triple impact -social, environmental and economic- that works to generate added value in local communities through fair trade.

Currently, animaná collaborates with more than 7,500 artisans from different communities in the Andes, who produce all kinds of garments: sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, ruanas, shirts, blankets, shawls, scarves, dresses, pants and more products.  

From 2015 to 2019, animaná had its store in Paris (France), thanks to the invaluable support of Dominique Peclers, a global fashion expert with more than 50 years of experience in the luxury market, who fell in love with animaná. In addition to having been in Europe, animaná today has its boutique in Buenos Aires (Argentina), located at Gurruchaga 1460 , in the Palermo neighborhood.



In 2009, together with animaná, Adriana also founded the non-profit NGO “ Made by Us ”, which has consultative status within the United Nations to further the transformation of the sustainable fashion paradigm.

This NGO focuses on establishing fashion as a means of change and local development; educate and spread the principles of sustainable fashion; create channels that link the ethical fashion offer in Latin America and international markets; promote work networks that allow the generation and dissemination of theoretical tools that contribute to the paradigm shift of sustainable fashion .

Hand in hand with both projects, animaná and Made by Us, Adriana Marina has a clear objective:revalue the value chain of camelid fibers and work for a more ethical, transparent and inclusive fashion industry .


Did you know that women represent 85% of weavers?

The role of women is central to animaná's sustainable business model. With the income from their work, these women have not only managed to sustain their home, open a bank account, access health services, but have also managed to fend for themselves by improving their self-esteem and confidence.

A positive impact for the communities through a viable and respectful alternative to trade, maintaining their traditions, and transmitting their ancestral skills to the world of fashion.

It is for this reason that animaná promotes the awareness of society towards sustainable development, promoting conscious consumption and increasing the demand for ethical fashion around the world 

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