We have been passionate about linen since 1858, initially as a trading house in Kortrijk, and later in Meulebeke when the weaving mill was established. Our belief in flax and linen as a sustainable premier product has only grown throughout the years.

Our focus on a single raw material has led to extensive specialization in a range of markets and a renown position internationally: we are among the largest linen weaving mills in Europe.

Libeco linen carries the Masters of Linen® quality label. This guarantees that the linen was entirely made in Europe with a guarantee of transparent production processes and traceability. This label was introduced by (and is monitored by) the European Confederation for Flax and Hemp, or CELC.

It is our mission to work with flax farmers, spinners and finishers to create the highest possible added value with the smallest possible ecological footprint. We always choose the most sustainable methods out of respect for our raw material.

All parts of the flax plant are used. The linseed is used for the next flax season, as well as to feed people and animals. Linseed oil is very nutritious and is also found in soap, paint and cosmetics.

The shives are processed into animal bedding or chipboards. The long fibers, and the highest-quality short fibers, are used for textiles. The other short fibers find their use in the insulation or paper industry.

At Libeco, we aim for a ‘no waste policy’. Our waste products – waste selvedge and shearing dust – are both recycled into insulation materials or paper.

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